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Sanctuary is a place where love and protection are living realities. Based on this, the Austin Sanctuary Network (ASN) is a coalition of faith communities, immigrants and other community members of civil society and organizations in and around Austin, Texas, that support immigrants fleeing violence or in danger of deportation.

Our values include honor and respect for every individual and an inclusive community composed of equals with a foundation of non-violence. We confront violent structures and actions with bold compassion and courageous love, standing up for people’s rights, regardless of status.

ASN stands in solidarity with undocumented immigrants who are being held unjustly and denied asylum status. ASN demands an immediate stop to raids and for-profit detention, an end to all deportations, and updated immigration laws that are just, fair and humane. ASN seeks to create a community to provide physical sanctuary for immigrants, who have exhausted their legal options and face deportation. Congregations offering Sanctuary supply shelter, needed food, clothing and interaction with the external world, including legal, medical and educational assistance. Hence, the need for a sizable support group such as ASN. Tax-deductible

or by mailing a check to Austin Sanctuary Network, 14311 Wells Port Drive, Austin, TX 78728

Header image of Hilda Ramirez by Gus Bova/Texas Observer, used with permission.